Episode 12: The Downfall of Marriage

Mary McGovern interviews Else Byskov about her most recent book The Downfall of Marriage – The Great Transformation of Our Sexual & Marital Relations, which deals with Martinus’s analyses of the transformation of the sexual poles and the processes that lie behind the changes in our marital relationships. Why do people today find marriage so challenging? Why is the divorce rate so high? And why do so many people live alone? What kind of transformation is it that we see going on in our society? In her book Else hopes to help readers understand how this transformation influences our daily lives.

Else has written and published six books in English about Martinus Cosmology, including Death is an Illusion and The Art of Attraction. Some of her books are also available in Danish, German and Spanish.  See her website: http://newspiritualscience.com/

This podcast was recorded by Mary McGovern at The Martinus Centre, Klint, Denmark on 17th May 2018.

Music composed and performed by Lars Palerius.

Martinus’s literature is available online on the Martinus Institute’s website: www.martinus.dk/en. Here you can also find information about the international summer courses at the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark.


10 thoughts on “Episode 12: The Downfall of Marriage”

  1. Thanks Mary and Else. Last year I read Else’s book,The Downfall,Of Marriage.Ever coins has two sides,good and bad,all things we experienced and will be done which can lead to being awake our consciousness that how to be in harmony with ourselves,family, others and the natural world.

  2. Thanks for sharing this interview.

    “The Downfall of Marriage” is one of my favorite topics, so it was very interesting to listen.

    I appreciate that you have uploaded this podcast and made it possible to download, because I like to download it, and transfer it to my smartphone – so I can listen to it while I am out for a walk in the nature.

    I wonder why the podcast “The Downfall of Marriage” is the only podcast, there is possible to download here – all the other ones can not be downloaded.
    Would be awesome if you could keep uploading the coming podcast´s and make them possible to download as well.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.


    1. Dear Jonas, many thanks for your feedback! We import our podcast links from our podcast hotel Libsyn, and this was the first time that we managed to import a link with the possibility of downloading the episode. We hope that all the following episodes will be downloadable in the same way. You can download the earlier episodes here: http://martinuscosmologypodcast.libsyn.com/

  3. Hello! I’m so happy to have found this work and have no problem embracing this concept of evolving towards double-poled beings. It makes so much sense, particularly as we see the rise in numbers of individuals who identify as gender fluid, nonbinary, and/or genderqueer – preferring to be referred to as “they.”

    I am most interested, at this point in our development, what to do NOW in relationships. What is the new blueprint in terms of how to relate to each other in romantic relationship as we move towards double-poled humans? Is anyone doing this kind of work?

    I am involved in ‘women’s work’ – embracing and healing my femininity was quite important for me; however, I am also very connected to my masculine side and revere both. So considering that it will be lifetimes before we are all truly double-poled, it makes sense to have some kind of guidance on how to be with each other through this transformation. I have not found anything substantial here; perhaps this is the new frontier, I can’t imagine this won’t start to become increasingly necessary even way beyond the need currently.

    I have grown tired of the relationship coaches out there who advise men to be more in their masculine, women to be more in their feminine, and blame feminism for the current state of affairs in our relationship difficulties – that’s why when I stumbled upon this work, it felt much more intuitively right to me. Again, I’m just interested in the next steps, the “now what” in terms of how we can relate to each other in a new and improved way in our romantic partnerships. Thanks for any input with this!

    1. Dear Leigh-Anne Lui, many thanks for your response and your interesting reflections on this topic!
      In a few months, the fifth volume of Livets Bog (The Book of Life) by Martinus will be published in English, where you will be able to read a lot more about Martinus’ description of our gender evolution. One of his symbols, symbol 35, the cosmic principle of the pole principle also gives an overview of this evolutionary process.
      But as you point out, your question about what we can do right NOW in relationsips does not have a straight answer. We are all free to make all sorts of choices and experience mistakes as well as fortunate paths … I could recommend episode 14 of this podcast (see above) where the psychologist Sören Grind talks about the potentional for growth in relationships today, even when we have left the more traditional gender and family roles behind. Perhaps you could find some inspiration there. /Pernilla

      1. Pernilla, thanks for your response! I look forward to reading the fifth volume – and will check back on that. I did begin to listen to episode 14 and will finish listening shortly.

        I see quite a need for this work, as the topic of relationships is such a huge one for many. I’m interested in this not just on a personal level, but also for the coaching work that I do with women.

        Thanks again so much for this work, the podcast, and all that you do.

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