Episode 26: Conscience

What do we understand by “conscience”? We have all had experiences of having a guilty conscience and a clear conscience. We see that our conscience is connected to our varying ideas about good and evil, so that an action that would give one person a guilty conscience would not bother another.

Conscience, according to Martinus, is one of the factors that transform animals into truly humane human beings. It evolves from incarnation to incarnation and regulates what we have the heart to do to others. It becomes an “inner voice” that helps us to live up to our changing ideals.

Mary McGovern interviews Karin Jansson on the evolution of our conscience, the difference between “shame”, “sin” and a “guilty conscience” and on how our ideals becomes “pillars of light” guiding us towards higher states of consciousness and creativity.

If you would like to read what Martinus himself writes about conscience, here is a link to his article entitled “Conscience”: https://www.martinus.dk/en/articles/index.php?mode=1&artikelnr=2040

An experienced lecturer and teacher of Martinus Cosmology and a member of the voluntary teaching staff at the Martinus Centre, Klint, Karin Jansson is also a journalist, the editor of the Swedish magazine Odlaren (The Grower) and one of the founders of a school in Holma, Sweden that runs courses on permaculture, among other things.

This podcast was recorded by Mary McGovern at The Martinus Centre, Klint, Denmark on 2nd August 2019.

Music composed and performed by Lars Palerius.

Martinus’ literature is available online on the Martinus Institute’s website: The Martinus Institute.  Here you can also find information about the international summer courses at the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark