Episode 18: Lectures on Martinus Cosmology in California

During the autumn of 2018, Mary McGovern from the Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, visited California and gave two lectures on Martinus Cosmology: “The Ongoing Evolution of Human Sexuality” in San José at the SAND conference (https://www.scienceandnonduality.com/sand18-us/) and “The Ideal Food” at The World Veg Festival in San Francisco (http://www.worldvegfestival.com/).

In this podcast episode, Pernilla Rosell interviews Mary MGovern via Skype about her experiences during her lecture trip. Mary tells us about the different topics at these two conferences and about how the conference participants received Martinus’ world picture.

This podcast was recorded by Pernilla Rosell in Stockholm on 20 November, 2018.

Music composed and performed by Lars Palerius.

Martinus’ literature is available online on the the Martinus Institute’s website.Here you can also find information about the international summer courses at the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark.

Below you’ll find some more photos from Mary’s journey.

The SAND 2018 conference in San José on 26th October
Mary giving a presentation entitled “The Ongoing Evolution of Human Sexuality”
Mary’s presents Martinus’ symbol No. 33 at the SAND conference
From the main auditorium at the SAND conference
Mary with Valve Zuercher-Valdespino, who arranged the lecture trip
Mary giving a lecture entitled “The Ideal Food” at The World Veg Festival 2018 in San Francisco on 27th October
Mary with Greg Rohrbach, President for the San Francisco Veg Society
Cam F Awesome, vegan athlete and stand-up comedian
In this area of San Francisco the hippie movement and gay liberation movement began
Pacific Beach, San Francisco
The Pacific Ocean near San Francisco
The Pacific Ocean near San Francisco
Redwood trees, the highest plant-beings on the planet, north of San Francisco